Besto Ski 50N

  CE EN393 / ISO12402-5



The Besto Ski 50N is designed especially for active water skiers and jet skiers requiring a vest that matches freedom to move with safety and a greatsportive look. The vest has 4 waistbands and 4 strong “nexus” fasteners thatensure a perfect fit around the body. The 4 fasteners make sure the vest stays on during a fall at high speed. The lightweight PE foam makes it very comfortable to wear. The 4 waistbelts, the light PE foam and the smart design all ensure a comfortable wear whilst allowing plenty of freedom to move.



 Article number



Min. required buoyancy


Extra Small

30 – 40 kg

35 N



40 – 50 kg

40 N



50 – 60 kg

40 N



60 – 70 kg

45 N


Extra Large

70+ kg

50 N



70++ kg 

50 N 


Special Marks
- Fabric: 35 DTEX nylon, PU coated
- Yellow: High Visible EN471
- Double crotch strap which prevents the
  jacket from creeping up
- Water release drain
- PE foam
- 4 Strong “nexus” fasteners


Item numberRE54334Yell

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