Rather go on the water then in the water!


If you fall in the water unexpected, Besto offers the BEST rescue. 
People with attention for safety choose Besto lifejackets.



Do not save money when buying a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.   
They can be your last resort!




Here you will find the product categories of Besto:


Buying tips:

  • Buy a lifejacket that matches your weight and the activity that you are planning to do on the water.
  • A lifejacket should be comfortable to wear and give you enough freedom of movement. For children never buy a jacket that is too large.
  • Always buy a lifejacket which states, how to use and maintain it.
  • When buying a lifejacket take into account the clothing you will be wearing on the water. Clothing can counteract the working of the jacket.
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