Development and production


The development of new products and the improvement of of the current range is a continuous process at Besto. We always check for new possibilities to further improve the quality of our products. 


That's how it is ought to be for a company whos products are responsible for personel safety on or around the water.   


All BESTO jackets must be a perfect combination of safety, comfort an freedom of movement, without sacrificing the one for the other. 


To be able to meet this our capable employees draw from more than 80 years of experience with te development of lifejackets.


During the development there is insistantly taken account with the people that will be using our products. For exmple: with the development of 50N jackets we work together with sailing school who provides us with useful and practical tips we can use by developing a new generation of Besto jackets.


Also during production we require the best. We work with machines developed according the latest technical insights and our production process is interlaced with several control points wich enables us to discover possible failures in an early stage.


In short: the whole development of Besto jackets is based on QUALITY

Lifesaver since 1920