The Professional Industry has a number of applications for which Besto produces
personal rescue equipment:


1 Inland navigation 


CE EN395 CE-EN396
ISO 12402-4 ISO 12402-3


The lifejackets and vests are designed to offer the best combination of safety, and
ease of use and storage. All Besto Inland Navigation lifejackets and vests minimally
carry the European CE 100N mark of approval. 


2 Work lifejackets and vests


CE EN393 CE EN395 CE EN396 CE EN399
ISO 1204-5 ISO 12402-4 ISO 12402-3 ISO 12402-2

For use on board all Ships subject to the Shipping Decree, to be worn in all situations
where the possibility of man-overboard is not fully excluded.
Two types:
» Foam work vests
» Inflatable work vests


3 Solas, for seagoing ships and platforms

Norms and decrees applicable to personal rescue equipment.

All Besto lifejackets and vests produced for the Shipping industry are approved for
compliance with the requirements of the European Union Council Directive 96/98
EC(SOLAS-MED) on Marine Equipment as amended by the commission Directive
98/85 EC of 11 November 1998.

Besto Maritime lifejackets and vests for Ocean-going Ships and Drilling
Platforms carry the European mark of approval, the STEERING WHEEL.


MSC.200 Regulations:
» SOLAS 74, as amended, Regulation III/4 and 34.
» The LSA code, Regulations 1/1.2 and II/2.2
» IMO Resolution MSC.81 (70), part 1, MSC 200(80), MSC 207(81)


In this category Besto produces Lifejackets for:
» Passenger and Commerial Navigation.
» Drilling Platforms (also approved by the Dutch State Supervision of Mines).


4 Miscellaneous


» Group Rescue Equipment for Inland Navigation approved by the NMI.
» Rescue lights for Inland Navigation and Shipping Industry approved
  in accordance with European norms.
» Day signals for Maritime sector.
» Accesoires

NMI= Netherlands Maritime Inspection

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